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The Problem: Misaligned Feet

Did you know that your feet are the most used and abused part of your body? Every day the average person takes thousands of steps without realizing the negative impact those steps have on your body when your feet are misaligned.  Misalignment is a result of an excessive inward rotation of the hindfoot that occurs when the ankle bone and the heel bone slip out of alignment.  It is estimated that nearly 45% of people are unaware that they have misaligned feet.  This common faulty foot alignment can cause seemingly unrelated pain and dysfunction at other points of the body. Having one or more of the following symptoms could be caused by misaligned feet:

Holding foot in pain- root cause of painful foot problems

These symptoms are not only present in adults, but also in children who may have misaligned feet. The HyProCure procedure, which is minimally invasive with very little down time, doesn’t just treat the symptoms, but can dramatically reduce or even eliminate your pain while improving your quality of life.  HyProCure doesn’t just mask the symptoms of your aches and pains, but, fixes the underlying cause by aligning your feet, the foundation of your body.

HyProCure - FDA orthopedic medical device realigns stabilizes hind-foot ankle foot normal joint range motion
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