Who Is a Candidate?

HyProCure is designed for both children and adults.  Having misaligned feet is a common condition in people of all ages throughout the world.  The condition is under-treated mainly because most people are unaware of their condition.  Unfortunately, the effects of misaligned feet reveal itself in other seemingly unrelated symptoms, including back pain, knee pain, and hip pain.  For children who are unable to verbalize their pain, their parents can review these signs and behaviors.

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Misaligned feet happens when the ankle bone displaces off its normal position and makes unnatural contact points on the hindfoot bones.  This misalignment creates an abnormal inward rotation of the ankle bone and outer rotation of the foot.  There is now an imbalance of forces and weight distribution due to the misaligned feet causing a variety of problems in the body while the person is standing or walking.  Misaligned feet can adversely affect all major joints of the body because the feet are the foundation of the body.

Sometimes HyProCure is used in conjunction with additional procedures to realign a patient’s foot. Once your HyProCure specialist determines that you are a candidate for the HyProCure procedure, your specialist will determine the appropriate size of the small stents that is most fitting for the naturally occurring space between your ankle and heel bones. There are stent sizes perfectly designed for even our smallest of patients as young as three years old, full-grown adult patients of muscular builds, to patients as mature as 95-years old, and all patient sizes in-between. Listen to how HyProCure has positively changed the lives of patients.

Not available in all countries. Is available for sale in Canada.

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