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How Are Your Flat Feet Affecting You?

While having flat feet doesn’t sound like a big deal, they are actually throwing the entire body out of alignment, which affects our ability to stand, walk, run, and exercise. Think of the wheel alignment on a car—when the alignment is correct, the wheels...

Tennis Ball Exercises for the Foot

Why is this important? Many foot-related injuries can be prevented by strengthening the feet. Muscles found in the feet and lower legs are used more often than any other muscles in the body. A simple tennis ball can be used as an effective tool for...

EOTTS HyProCure: Benefit -Risk Analysis

There are risks and potential complications with any surgical procedure, even with a minor procedure. There are also many risks and even worse complications that can occur if you chose to forego treatment. This ebook below was written to help a potential...

Orthotics: Do They Fix the Underlying Problem?

Walk into your local pharmacy or even many grocery stores and you’ll be able to have your foot scanned and pick up a “customized” orthotic instantly. Turn on the television to watch your favorite show and you’ll most likely see a commercial claiming an arch support...

Is Your Heel Pain a Pain?

Are you tired of limping with the first several steps when you get up to walk? Read on to find a real solution... There are 26 bones in the human foot, of which the heel (calcaneus) is the largest. The human heel is designed to provide a rigid support for the weight...

Walking is Fun and Healthy, Unless You Have Misaligned Feet

Walking is one of the simplest and safest aerobic exercises you can do. It will help you strengthen your bones, control your weight, and condition your heart and lungs. Being consistent in your walking routine is one of the most important factors in developing a...

Growing Pains: Do Our Bones Really Hurt When They Grow?

The term "Growing Pains" refers to pain in the lower legs. There isn't a single pin-point area where the pain is the worst; it is usually generalized. Growing pains also rarely, if ever, occur during the day, but will typically occur at night. A child's body is...

Is My Big Toe Pain Caused By a Bunion?

When you slip on your favorite pair of shoes, are you finding yourself experiencing big toe pain? Have you noticed that you have a bump on your big toe? The pain that you are experiencing in your big toe can affect the way that you live your day-to-day life. Keep...

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