HyProCure Results

The HyProCure Results

For more than a decade, HyProCure has been changing the lives of adults and children, one step at a time. The HyProCure procedure is being performed by HyProCure trained surgeons all over the world in nearly 70 countries and counting. HyProCure, which is FDA cleared and approved, has been used successfully in patients from 3 years old to 95 years old. Listen to HyProCure specialist on how the procedure has positively changed patients’ lives.

This minimally invasive procedure, with its relatively short recovery and downtime, has allowed the nearly 60,000 adults and children around the world, to live their lives without the pain and discomfort that once plagued them due to hyperpronation or misaligned feet. Listen to the stories of a few of our patients and how HyProCure has restored their natural foot mechanics, their body’s natural weight distribution, and equally important, how HyProCure has restored their quality of life.



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