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Missing Link to Chronic Heel Pain Discovered

MACOMB, Michigan, May 14, 2019 A recently published medical study shows nearly 94% of patients who experience chronic heel pain (plantar fasciitis) also suffer from hindfoot instability—an orthopedic deformity where the ankle bone partially dislocates on the hindfoot...

Seminar in Maine

June 2017 Smiling faces at the 3rd Annual International Pediatric Foot & Ankle Seminar in Maine

In 2016 get into shape with HyProCure

As New Year's Resolutions are Renewed, GraMedica Weighs in on Importance of Foot Alignment to Overall Health A revolutionary, minimally invasive procedure can put a spring back into your step towards a healthier new you in 2016. Macomb, MI (PRWEB) January 12, 2016 --...

Diabetes – Innovative New Foot Surgery Helps

Innovative New Surgery Keeps Diabetics in Step with Good Health - Foot Surgery Improving Diabetes Minimally Invasive Procedure with GraMedica Stent Aligns Feet, Improving Activity Level and Stabilizing Blood SugarMacomb, Michigan (PRWEB) November 03, 2015 -- Every...

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