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Treatment Comparison Chart

HyProCure is a simple and effective alternative to orthotics and reconstructive surgery. Below we’ve put together a chart to help you better understand and compare HyProCure to other treatments.

HyProCure vs other treatments comparison chart

What happens if I choose to forgo treatment?

Think of your body as a structure; your feet are the foundation. If the misalignment in your feet is left untreated, it forces the rest of your body to compensate by putting excessive strain on the heels, ankles, knees, hips and back. This causes progressive pain in the body, which can lead to a variety of seemingly unrelated symptoms.

Symptoms that are related to the misaligned feet only become worse the longer they are ignored. So for example, if you are experiencing soreness in your knees, hips and back, it will only become more intensified as you age, regardless of any other corrective actions you take. It can also worsen serious health conditions such as diabetes and obesity.

View the images below to see a simulated progression.

Custom-Made Arch Supports vs. HyProCure

Arch supports are inserts that are placed inside your shoe and are typically used to restore a fallen arch and cushion the bottom of the foot. While arch supports may temporarily alleviate pain and imbalance symptoms, they cannot stabilize the ankle bone, prevent excessive ankle bone motion or permanently restore a misaligned foot. They also only work when they are worn, so if you are barefoot or want to wear open-heeled shoes, your symptoms will return.

To get a better understanding, compare the images below.

Traditional Reconstructive Surgery vs. HyProCure

Rearfoot reconstructive surgery is typically reserved for patients with a severe deformity. These types of procedures often involve the cutting and shifting of bones, joint fusion and the transfer of tendons. This option requires a long recovery, is associated with numerous risks and complications, and, once performed, can not be reversed. Additionally, many patients must return to the operating room for removal of painful internal hardware such as pins, screws or plates.

HyProCure is a stent that fits into a naturally occurring space. There are no pins, drills or screws required. While the removal rate is low (less than 6%), HyProCure is easily removed without any permanent damage to the foot.

Compare reconstructive surgery to HyProCure below. Is all this really necessary?

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