Foot pain can be debilitating to live with. When your feet hurt it’s a constant reminder of the things you can’t do or just don’t have the enthusiasm to participate in anymore. But what if you were able to easily get treated? Good news! You don’t have to live with foot pain any longer.

Listen to what some of our HyProCure patients have experienced. We couldn’t be more grateful for the positive changes we’ve been able to be a part of. They are often small, yet life-changing.

No Crutches Necessary

“I was walking one day and suddenly it felt like the ankle just gave out. I didn’t know what was causing it. I expected to be on crutches and I never was. We did the HyProCure procedure and because it’s healed so quickly my ankles are now completely aligned.”

First Time in 20 years Without Orthotics

“Today I took my first 25 minute walk 7 weeks post op with no issues other than the foot that’s not done. It’s my first time in 20 years to be without orthotics. So freeing. Scheduled to have my other one done in December. Can hardly wait. For anyone having issues due to being flatfooted, I highly recommend.”

No More Plantar Fasciitis

“Prior to my surgery I had severe Plantar Fasciitis in both feet and couldn’t walk very well. After surgery the Plantar Fasciitis is almost gone and I’ve returned to running and hiking on a regular basis. My arches are becoming more noticeable and getting stronger. This is a fantastic treatment. I highly recommend that anyone with foot pain discuss this with their podiatrist as an option that may help them. The thing that has pleased me most about my experience with HyProCure is the speedy recovery due to the minimally invasive surgical technique. Prior to getting HyProCure I had been running obstacle races but had to stop due to pain during exercise. I researched the procedure and was convinced after discussing with my doctor that this might help eliminate the pain.”

My Quality of Life Has Improved

“Approaching age 60, I was again being “slowed down” by chronically sore feet. Having tried several over-the-counter as well as expensive, custom orthotics and receiving only partial relief, I was very interested when Dr. Ferragamo suggested I consider the HyProCure inserts. It sounded as though my pronated ankles could be “cured” by creating proper alignment of my foot and ankle bones during weight-bearing exercise. I decided it was well worth giving it a try to stop the pain. Since having Dr. Ferragamo insert the HyProCure “spacers” a year ago, the mechanics of both feet have dramatically improved and the daily discomfort I had for many, many years is gone. I can even walk comfortably barefoot on hard surfaces, something I could never do before undergoing the procedure! This simple solution has definitely improved the quality of my life.”

My Bunions Disappeared with This Procedure

“I’ve had severe flat feet my whole life that have gotten progressively worse over time. I had cortisone injections 10 years ago so I could at least walk. Years ago my podiatrist made a brace for me that was supposed to be worn in all shoes. It was impossible, rigid and horrible. I never wore it. I was offered complete rear-foot reconstructive surgery at about $60,000 per foot. I started researching alternatives and discovered the HyProCure procedure. I did my right foot in June. My bunions disappeared with this procedure and all arch pain is gone! I am so thankful for HyProCure as it will allow me to actively exercise again, contributing to better health.”

I Can Now Walk and Run Pain Free

“I am able to get back to the activities I enjoy doing and my career as a personal trainer. Prior to my surgery I had been an avid runner but I had to seriously curtail my running, eventually having to stop all together because of the pain I was experiencing on the inside of my ankles and feet. Since the surgery, I am able to walk and run pain free and perform my jogs without limitations. My balance has also improved greatly. I would definitely encourage anyone who is experiencing pain in their feet or difficulty standing for long periods of time or even pain when walking to get a consult with a HyProCure Surgeon.”

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