Is HyProCure a realistic option for me?

Now that you’ve gone through the discovery process to learn how harmful a partially dislocating ankle bone is to your body, it makes perfect sense to have HyProCure placed into the naturally occurring space between the ankle and heel bones. The final decision comes down to finances and unfortunately, is a big question when deciding if this is a realistic option for you.

“Will this procedure be covered by my health insurance?”

Unfortunately, the health insurance industry has done what they can to block this procedure from being a covered benefit for the most part. Some very smart companies have identified this procedure as a tremendous benefit to you the beneficiary and it could potentially save the insurance companies untold fortunes. Sadly, the majority of carriers are penny wise but a dollar foolish. They would rather continue to pay to treat the symptoms of musculoskeletal disease rather than fix the underlying cause.

If your health insurance does not cover this procedure, don’t worry, there are still options. These days many people are finding out that it is better to make their healthcare decisions on their own rather than limiting their treatment options by what their health insurance will cover. Also, think about something else. It could end up costing you much more if the insurance company paid for this procedure because you still have to pay high deductibles, co-pays, etc.

There are many, but not all, HyProCure trained surgeons who are willing to perform this procedure as a patient pay option. It will save you money and it is also beneficial for the surgeon because they don’t have to fight with the insurance company to get paid.

How much will it cost me to get my ankle bone internally stabilized with HyProCure?

Every surgeon or their clinic has its set fees. The price also varies depending on if the procedure will be performed within their clinic, in an out-patient surgical setting, or a hospital. The hospital setting will be the most expensive option. There are situations where HyProCure can be inserted into your foot within a clinic setting but this option may not be available for all individuals. Typically, the cost is about the same as having a dental implant placed in your jaw.

Is it worth the investment?

Ankle bone instability is the leading cause of musculoskeletal disease. Think about the costs of treating chronic back, hip, knee, or even other foot disorders. The deductibles, co-pays, lost wages from having to go to doctors’ appointments, cost of pills, physical therapy, etc. can be excessive. It makes perfect sense to realign the foundation joint of the body. We spend so much money on our cars, buying the latest flatscreen tv, meanwhile, every step is destroying your body. A small investment in your feet today can save you tens of thousands later.

Is it a guaranteed investment?

There are no guarantees with any surgical procedure. You could be an ideal candidate and the procedure could be performed perfectly, but there still could be other factors that can ultimately compromise the results. You could pay for the procedure and in the end, the HyProCure spacer has to be removed. There is always a risk with every investment just like other financial investments like buying stocks. What is guaranteed is that if you don’t stabilize your ankle bone, one or more parts of your body will become diseased and will negatively affect your health and wealth. It is better to try and fix the cause than to just sit on the sidelines thinking about it.

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