GraMedica Files Lawsuit For Alleged Patent Infringement Against Vilex

by | Dec 9, 2015 | News Room

GraMedica’s HyProCure Is An FDA Cleared, Time-Tested, Evidence Based, Proven Solution To Misaligned Flat Feet; With A 94% Success Rate. The Lawsuit Relates To Vilex’s Allegedly Infringing TalexTM Implant And Surgical Treatment Method, Which Employs A Medical Device For Anatomical Alignment Of A Patient’s Ankle Bone.

Macomb, Michigan (PRWEB) December 08, 2015 — Graham Medical Technologies, d/b/a/ GraMedica, has filed a complaint (5:15-cv-13372) for patent infringement against Vilex in Tennessee, Inc. and Abraham Lavi on September 24th, 2015 in the United States District Court for Eastern District of Michigan. The lawsuit relates to Vilex’s allegedly infringing TalexTM implant and surgical treatment method, which employs a medical device for the anatomical alignment of a patient’s ankle bone. The patent at issue is U.S. Patent No. 7,033,398, entitled: “Sinus Tarsi Implant,” which relates to a treatment method for correction of subtalar joint hyperpronation, a rather common medical condition that results in a misaligned hindfoot.

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Dr. Michael E. Graham, podiatric surgeon, inventor of HyProCure®, and founder of GraMedica, received the patent in 2006. The HyProCure® stent is inserted into the sinus tarsi, a naturally occurring space located in between the ankle and heel bones. Instability of the ankle bone leads to an abnormal closure of the sinus tarsi space. The sinus tarsi implant stabilizes the ankle bone while allowing the normal motion to occur. It serves as a superior option to arch supports or foot orthotics yet is less aggressive than traditional reconstructive surgery. The insertion of the stent, called extra-osseous talotarsal stabilization, is performed as an outpatient procedure. This device can be used in both children and adults, when indicated.

HyProCure® received FDA clearance in 2004 and is now available in nearly 60 countries where it is used by leading foot and ankle surgeons. HyProCure® is backed by years of research, peer reviewed and evidenced- based scientific papers. It is not the first medical implant inserted into the sinus tarsi, but its unique design has led to the highest success rate. Other joint-blocking arthroereisis devices have a published failure rateof nearly 40% to 100%, whereas HyProCure® has less than 6% removal rate, according to the Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery published on July 16 2012. The high success rate of HyProCure® is believed to be a possible reason for the alleged infringement.

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About GraMedica
Dr. Michael E. Graham is the Founder and CEO of GraMedica, a global orthopedic foot solutions company, whose premiere product, HyProCure, has been FDA cleared for more than 11 years. HyProCure is a titanium stent that is inserted between the ankle and heel bones to realign the hindfoot and is used by leading foot and ankle surgeons worldwide in nearly 60 countries.

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