What is Hammertoe?

The term hammertoe refers to a toe that is stuck in a bent or curled position.

What Causes Hammertoe?

Hammertoe is the result of an imbalance in the foot that causes your toes to essentially “grasp” the ground when you stand. The “grasping” is why the toes become bent or curled. Basically, your toe muscles are bracing themselves in an attempt to correct the imbalance and handle the weight of your body every time you take a step.

The reason your foot is imbalanced is because there is a misalignment in the hindfoot (heel and ankle area) that causes the foot structure to become unstable. When your feet are balanced, or aligned, your ankle bone (talus) sits directly on top of your heel bone (calcaneus). The front edge of each bone is almost aligned with the other (the front edge of your ankle bone slightly overlaps the front edge of your heel bone) and there is a naturally occurring space in between them, called the sinus tarsi.

When your feet are misaligned, your ankle bone falls forward and out of line with your heel bone causing the sinus tarsi to close/collapse. This pushes the rest of the bones in your forefoot forward and puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the ending point—your toes. Every time you take a step, your toes take the brunt of your entire body’s weight.

How Can HyProCure Help?

HyProCure is a titanium stent that is inserted into the sinus tarsi. This fixes the issue at its root by realigning your ankle bone to keep it from sliding forward and off of your heel bone. This keeps the rest of your foot in its normal position so that when you walk, your weight is distributed evenly, eliminating the excessive pressure on your toes.

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