How Does HyProCure Work?

How HyProCure Works?

HyProCure corrects misaligned feet, or hyperpronation, at its root cause. HyProCure is specifically designed to fix talotarsal displacement, a common condition where the ankle turns inward and the forefoot turns outward.

When your feet are aligned, your ankle bone (talus) sits directly on top of your heel bone (calcaneus). The front edge of each bone is almost aligned with the other (the front edge of your ankle bone slightly overlaps the front edge of your heel bone) and there is a naturally occurring space in between them, called the sinus tarsi.

When your feet are misaligned, your ankle bone falls forward and out of line with your heel bone. This causes the sinus tarsi to collapse and the natural arch in your foot to fall flat. In fact, having flat feet is not so much a symptom, as it is the visible collapse of the sinus tarsi.

HyProCure is placed into the sinus tarsi and  keeps the space from collapsing. This realigns the foot, restores the natural joint motion and redistributes the weight  and balance of the body. HyProCure is a real and permanent solution for faulty foot mechanics and significantly reduces the negative effect on the body as a result of having misaligned feet.

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