Am I a Candidate?

Many foot problems and secondary issues such as knee pain, hip pain, and lower back pain can be the result of having misaligned feet.  Other signs include bunions, hammertoes, painful heel spurs, sore feet, shin splints, sore knees and other seemingly unrelated problems.

HyProCure is an effective, minimally invasive way to resolve this extremely common deformity. Conservative estimates indicate that up to 45% of people of all ages suffer from the pain and discomfort of foot misalignment and related secondary conditions.  HyProCure is an outpatient procedure of 20-minutes or less and restores the natural joint range of motion in the foot.

Once the HyProCure is placed, the bones will be realigned and the majority of the body’s weight will naturally be rebalanced on the bones surrounding it.  For most patients, there is a significant improvement in walking, running, or jumping. Listen to how HyProCure has positively changed patients’ lives.

Please watch the video below to see if your feet might have signs of misalignment.

If you answered “yes” to one of the signs, we can help you find a HyProCure specialist in your area to further discuss this simple, life-changing procedure.

Not available in all countries. Is available for sale in Canada.

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