The Proven Solution to Misaligned Feet

The Proven Solution to Misaligned Feet

Two versions of HyProCure

What is HyProCure?

HyProCure is a titanium spacer-implant that is placed into the naturally occurring space between the ankle and heel bones, called the sinus tarsi.

What does HyProCure Fix?

The answer to this question is both simple and very complex. The simple answer is that HyProCure fixes ankle bone instability. This is an unnatural condition in which the ankle bone (talus) has lost its stability and therefore alignment on the heel bone.

The joint surfaces of an unstable ankle bone on the heel bone

When a person with this condition places weight on their feet, like standing or walking, the ankle bone partially dislocates and becomes misaligned.

Here is an adult comparison of the right foot before and after HyProCure.

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