HyProCure Trouble Shooting Guide

1. I think I can feel the end of HyProCure on the side of my foot.

This could be possible but very unlikely. HyProCure is placed deep into the sinus tarsi space. Most likely you are feeling the scar tissue that forms under the skin. The only way to know is to have an x-ray taken.

2. My recovery seems to be taking longer than some of the testimonials I’ve seen on-line.

Everyone has a different healing rate. One foot will heal faster and with less pain than the opposite foot. Make sure you are wearing good supportive shoes. You should get rid of the shoes worn before surgery because the other shoes have worn out and that can compromise your recovery. Also, it is important to follow your surgeon’s directions.

3. Feels like I lost correction, my foot used to be straighter now it feels more flexible.

This is possible but unlikely. Usually, this is just the result of the inflammation and swelling resolving. If you feel you’ve lost correction, then you should have this checked out by your surgeon.

4. Seems like the pain to the outer ankle area will never go away!

Sometimes the recovery process takes longer than anticipated. Even if you are an ideal candidate, it could take more time than others. One foot will always heal faster and with less pain than the opposite foot. Both feet need to have HyProCure if both feet have ankle instability. If you only have one foot fixed with HyProCure, then the other foot will compromise HyProCure’s success. It’s like having old worn-out tires on one side of the car, putting new tires on the other side, and wondering why the new tires are getting worn out. Sometimes, you will need to have an injection or two into the area below the outer ankle bone. Make sure you are wearing good shoes and following your surgeon’s advice.

5. I feel like I am walking awkwardly, toes turning inward.

Early during the recovery process, it is expected that you will walk with your toes pointed in. That’s just the way your body is going to compensate during the recovery process. Little by little, as the swelling and inflammation reduce the walking should improve.

6. I feel like there is a clicking from the implant.

That is possible because it can take several weeks for the tissues to heal around HyProCure to hold it in the sinus tarsi space. Sometimes, it can take up to a year or longer for that to go away. It is possible to hear/feel it if you wear worn-out shoes because of the excessive twisting due to a worn-out heel. Make sure you are wearing good supportive shoes.

7. Is it normal to feel a twinge or soreness once in a while?

It can take a very long time to be completely pain or twinge-free. You have been walking on a partially dislocating heel bone since you started walking. The ligaments, joints, bones, and tendons are going to have to adjust to the new way you are walking. Some tissue adapts quicker than others. If you have had bad ankle sprains, then it could take longer for those tissues to adapt because they have scar tissue rather than healthy ligament tissue. It should just be a matter of time for those twinges to go away.

8. I am a few months after surgery and have good days and bad days.

This is expected. When you have a pain free day, you are going to be more active. This increased activity level is going to place more strain on the tissues that are adjusting to their position. The next day you could experience more soreness/pain, so you take it easy. The following day you feel better, so you push it some more until you experience another bad day – and the good day bad day cycles continue until the tissues are fully adapted. There is no way to know if you will experience this or not. If you do, there is no way to know how long it will last but it will eventually go away.

9. Its almost been a year after surgery and I still have pain to the area around the implant.

You can expect that it can take a year or longer to fully recover from the insertion of HyProCure because of the new position of your hindfoot. The tissues have to adapt to the new position. Some people are going to take a lot longer for their tissues to adapt. Make sure you’ve had both feet fixed with HyProCure. Your “unfixed” foot is straining the foot with HyProCure. It is important that both feet get HyProCure. Also, there could be other areas of the foot that need to be addressed. You may need to wear an arch support or get a series of injections into the outer ankle area. Make sure you follow up with your surgeon and follow any instructions/advice.

10. I went for a second opinion and that surgeon says I should have the implant removed.

Unfortunately, some surgeons are against this procedure. They would rather sell you arch supports and claim they do the same as HyProCure, or they want to perform more aggressive surgery. You need to do your own research and choose what option makes the most sense for you. There is no rush to have surgery but every step taken on a partially dislocating ankle bone is another step closer until your only option is more aggressive bone surgery.

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