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by | Jan 12, 2016 | News Room

As New Year’s Resolutions are Renewed, GraMedica Weighs in on Importance of Foot Alignment to Overall Health

A revolutionary, minimally invasive procedure can put a spring back into your step towards a healthier new you in 2016.

Macomb, MI (PRWEB) January 12, 2016 — It’s the same story year after year! Getting “fit” and “losing weight” are consistently the top New Year’s Resolutions. And every year people say, “This is going to be the year to get into shape!” The sad news is only about 8% of Americans actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Why? Well, it could all come down to their feet.

Misaligned or flat feet are one of the most common reasons why people are side-lined from their favorite sports or exercise programs. There is a medical condition where the ankle bone loses its normal stability and alignment on the heel bone. This internal problem creates a faulty foundation to the body. Excessive forces are acting on the feet, knees, hips, and back while standing, walking or running. The majority of symptoms of misaligned feet show up as soreness to other parts of the body – making it hard for many people to exercise and reach that 2016 New Year’s resolution.

Without exercise, the metabolism drops, weight gain occurs and the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and other serious health threats increases. Right now, 70 million obese Americans are trapped in this life- threatening cycle. Dr. Michael E. Graham, podiatric surgeon, founder and CEO of GraMedica, says the first step towards breaking this cycle is to seek evaluation and treatment by a foot and ankle specialist. “Foot pain is not normal and should be evaluated by a trained specialist.” says Graham.

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It used to be that most people with misaligned or flat feet were told to buy custom-arch supports for their shoes and if that doesn’t work then the only other option is reconstructive surgery. That is, until Dr. Graham invented an innovative, FDA cleared, titanium stent called HyProCure®. The stent is inserted through a small incision below the outer ankle bone, into a naturally occurring space in between the ankle and heel bones. It instantly and internally realigns and stabilizes the hindfoot. This decreases the strain to the foot and will help to realign the leg, pelvis and back.

Leading orthopedic and podiatric surgeons in nearly 60 countries declare that HyProCure is their stent of choice. The minimally invasive procedure is performed on both pediatric and adult patients and only takes about 20 minutes. HyProCure is both time-tested and backed by extensive scientific research. Once cleared by a HyProCure foot specialist, patients can get back to the activities they love, most even get out there and try new things thanks their new found freedom.

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About GraMedica
Dr. Michael E. Graham is the Founder and CEO of GraMedica, a global orthopedic foot solutions company, whose premiere product, HyProCure, has been FDA cleared for more than 11 years. HyProCure is a titanium stent that is inserted between the ankle and heel bones to realign the hindfoot and is used by leading foot and ankle surgeons worldwide in nearly 60 countries.

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