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HyProCure Patients Success Stories

HyProCure is an evidence-based, innovative solution that has provided lasting results for thousands of people with misaligned feet or hyperpronation.  HyProCure specialists in the United States and around the world are hearing stories from their patients how HyProCure has changed their lives. Please watch this video to hear what some HyProCure specialists are saying about the positive effect HyProCure has had on their pediatric and adult patients. Watch our self-assessment video to find out if HyProCure might be right for you. You can also find a HyProCure specialist near you to further discuss the benefits of HyProCure.

Patient Success Stories

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Dr. Tievsky performed the Hyprocure procedure on my flat feet and I don’t have to wear orthotics anymore. Excellent surgeon. Excellent bedside manner.

-Angela S.

We had HyProCure implanted into both his feet when he was 9 years old in Chicago

Hyprocure dramatically transformed my son’s ability to play hockey….significantly improved his skating (speed, power, stamina/endurance) and his overall ability to play the game. Increased his confidence on and off the ice. This is my son at 13years old. We had HyProCure implanted into both his feet when he was 9 years old in Chicago. My son could have never skated like this without HyproCure. Has helped him in other sports as well. Would recommend to anyone whose kids play hockey / other sports and pronate significantly. Amazing the impact it has had on my son’s life.

-Jeff V.

No pain whatsover, and I can wear 2 inch heel dress shoes besides tennis shoes

How has HyProCure® improved your life?:

Back in Sept,, 2013 before having HyProCure, I couldn’t even walk a city block due to so much subtalar joint pain of left foot. My Talus bone had been subluxing to the point of creating a non-displaced fracture on the underside of the bone. Neither a chiropractor or physical therapist could keep it stable with extensive amounts of taping, bracing, orthotics and then some. I found one of your Master Surgeons on your website and went to Dr. David Gent in Bremerton, Wa 8 hrs away from me in Idaho and he sincerely looked outside of the box to help me. My foot was stuck in a rigid supinated position. Yet with proof in x-rays that when my ankle was adjusted by a chiropractor, I really did pronate but my walking on my foot would end up supinating and wedging the talus out of position. I had one prior high ankle sprain in 2010.

So after 8 weeks of healing the fracture in the talus bone by being NWB, I immediately went into surgery for the HyProCure when the fracture was healed per CT Scan. No complications and walking within a week, then I did the surgery again 12 weeks later for my right foot. With both balanced feet, I was able to retrain my legs, hips because I already had surgery prior for my sacroiliac joints-bilateral fixation. Also with balanced feet I was then able to discover that I had Gastroc Equinus in both legs that was also causing flexion of my hips. So put all of it together, and now 4 yrs past all the surgeries I run on an eliptical machine and walk beautifully. HyProCure has been so a wonderful part of fixing my entire body that was rooted in Malalignment Syndrome caused from years of an undiagnosed anatomical limb length discrepancy. Your product fixed me and I was certainly an out of the box case as I didn’t have any PTTD or excessive pronation issues. I was one foot-supinated and one foot mildly pronated. Had I not been stabilized in my feet, I may not have discovered how tight my Gastrocs were too.


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What would you say to a friend or family member who was curious about HyProCure®?:

I would tell them to consider this surgery especially if orthotics are not working for them and/or they have sacroiliac joint issues. I have promoted your product through my own personal blog/website:

What has pleased you most about your experience with HyProCure®?:

It is the most minimally invasive foot surgery procedure with profound results. There were no answers for me to fix my foot except for your product. It took me 5 foot doctors to get to one of your trained doctors.

What was your life like before HyProCure®?:

I was in daily pain with my left ankle/foot and I couldn’t walk anymore than the needed necessities of life. The chronic subluxed Talus bone created its own fracture from not being centered and stable over my calcaneous. The position of my Talus also caused problems with my Distal Tib-Fib joint and I had pain up my syndesmosis and every muscle was hypertonic in my lower leg trying to stabilize my joints.

What made you choose to go forward with the procedure?:

I had complete confidence in studying all of your websites and published research that I needed this for my foot. I sought out your company and list of doctors since I was getting nowhere with the prior foot doctors. When I met Dr. Gent, at Kitsap Foot & Ankle Clinic, it was a match made in Heaven. He had complete confidence that he could help me with your product. He did 2 HyProCure surgeries then I latter had a revision on each foot to downsize the stent from a 6 to a 5 in each foot. And he then did the Endoscopic Gastroc recession surgeries and Ankle Arthrex Tib-Fib fixation. He gave me my life back with my lower legs/ankles/feet.

What are the most significant changes you have noticed since having HyProCure®?:

My feet are completely neutral with full ROM and the alignment of my tibias to my femurs are excellent. No pain whatsover, and I can wear 2 inch heel dress shoes besides tennis shoes. I can walk 2 miles, run a mile on eliptical and work out. I went back to downhill skiing and roler skating. Something I couldn’t say before the surgeries. But I will say, I did need the Gastroc Equinus Endoscopic Recession surgeries to complete the journey with my lower legs. Combining both surgeries bilaterally, completely changed how my legs and hips function for the better.

Additional notes/comments:

See my website on the subject of HyProCure that documents my journey, surgical photos, rehab etc

I would suggest HyProCure because it is less invasive then by example triple arthrodesis.

I had the surgery January 3, 2020 in Hannover-Germany. So its to early now to say how it has improved my life…I hope it works! I am very excited. And when the results are great I will go for the left ankle.
I would suggest HyProCure because it is less invasive then by example triple arthrodesis. The surgery is very short and rehabilitation is much quicker than with any other surgery for the ankle. Before HyProCure, I had always pain in legs, ankle, feet, hips, knees and back. After some walking, always tired legs. I hope that the HyProCure will come to Holland soon!

-Gerlande van L.

My feet are very rarely sore and I have no limitations.

Dr. Graham,

I doubt you would remember me as I was a patient of yours 15 years ago. I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the great work you had done long ago. At the time, I was 17 years old, flat-footed, and already had some deterioration of my knees/hips (I believe that’s correct). Anyway, you operated on both of my feet at the same time (which you said you’d never do again – although it was a good experience for me). About a week or so later I was up and walking normally. I know at the time the procedure was somewhat new and experimental, but I am in great shape 15 years later and couldn’t be happier. My feet are very rarely sore and I have no limitations.

Thank you again, glad to hear you are still doing great work for others.


-Ryan C.

I would never want to go back to the way I was!

I have had collapsed arches all my life. I would wear orthotics, but they were hard and uncomfortable to stand on for long periods. During summer my feet would hurt in sandals and flip flops. It got so bad that if I stood for 5 minutes without orthotics I would be in pain from my feet all the way up to my knees. It affected doing so many things in my life. Shoes were hard to buy and certain jobs I’d be afraid to take due to having to stand so long.

Finally one day while searching any surgeries available I came across HyProCure implants. I found a doctor close that did the surgery and went for a consultation. I happened to be pregnant at the time. She said I was a great candidate, but would of course have to wait until after I had my daughter. A year later I came back and had both my feet done in two separate surgeries.

It changed my life forever. My feet are 95% better then they were. I can walk, stand and do intense workout with no foot pain. I take a barre class in socks that there is no way I could have done prior to surgery. I’m way more active then I once was. I don’t fear going shoe shopping as I once did. I can stand for long periods, so being afraid to take a job is now non existent. It changed my life for the better and I am truly grateful.

If you have collapsed arches look into it! The surgeries they had prior for fixing feet were super invasive and there’s no way I could have ever been out for 4 months. With this surgery I had no pain and the recovery time was fast! I would do the surgery ten times over if I had to. I would never want to go back to the way I was.


HyProCure didn’t just improve my life — it SAVED my life!

I had no idea my stinky misaligned feet were the cause of my constant, never-ending, never going away, upper back pain, lower back pain, center back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, neck pain,knee pain, and the absolute worst — spinal pain – grit your teeth kinda pain. I’d get to the top of a flight of steps and my legs would be so sore just from climbing that flight; I’d have to pause a minute. I would get in bed every night, and my back would be on fire. I would just hurt, all over.

As soon as I woke up from the anesthesia after the HyProCure surgery, in my sleepy haze, I immediately noticed something was different — I felt normal; my pain — ALL of my pain — was gone, and for the first time in my life, I felt as though I’d hit the lottery. When my podiatrist came in post-op to reassure me everything had gone perfectly, I immediately began to bawl my eyes out because I didn’t hurt anymore. HyProCure IS the cure for misaligned feet — this little Titanium stent will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

-Annmarie G.

HyProCure should be on display in the office of every podiatrist and orthopedic surgeon!

I began to experience ankle pain at the age of 13. By the time I was in college, chronic ankle pain was a part of my daily life. As I began to enter my early 20’s, the pain became so severe it began limiting my daily activities. When I started relying on motorized scooters to get around the grocery store, I knew it was past time to do something about my pain. First, I saw a podiatrist who referred me to an orthopedic surgeon and I had my first MRI. That doctor told me there was nothing wrong with me, and I should lose weight. Frustrated, I requested a copy of my MRI report directly from the hospital. The report pointed to inflammation in my sinus tarsi, and suggested sinus tarsi syndrome. I went to a 2nd orthopedic surgeon who gave me a cortisone shot, and then another. In frustration, I searched for a well known and highly trained orthopedic surgeon at a university hospital. I went for my 2nd MRI. The results? There was nothing to be done about my chronic pain. There was no cure and no treatment. Understandably upset with this news, my 3rd orthopedic surgeon suggested I go back to my general practitioner to talk about depression.

Feeling that my doctors had let me down, and knowing in my heart that there had to be a better option out there for me- I began to scour the internet for potential treatments. That’s when I discovered HyProCure. There were no doctors in my state that offered the device, and so I made the 2.5 hour drive out to a neighboring state to find a doctor that did. I am endlessly glad that I did.
I never had surgery before, so I was reluctant to agree to the procedure. The surgery itself was fast. Within a couple of hours, I was ready to go home. It took me about two weeks before I was able to begin walking again. Within a few weeks, my pain was gone.

HyProCure was just that- the cure to my chronic ankle pain. For the first time since I was a child, I could walk pain free. I had become so used to chronic pain that it wasn’t until that pain was gone that I understood how bad my pain had been. I had literally forgotten what it felt like to be without pain- and thanks to HyProCure, I got a new lease on life. I regained confidence in my every day activities and began participating in activities I had previously avoided like going for walks and attending fairs and festivals.

For years, I suffered in silence- and when I finally began to speak up, my doctors let me down. Thankfully, I took charge of my own health and discovered HyProCure. HyProCure should be on display in the office of every podiatrist and orthopedic surgeon. Everyone suffering from chronic ankle pain should know about HyProCure. It changed my life, and I’m sure there are many more people out there suffering with chronic pain who have yet to discover the cure.


It changes life forever!

So lovely to see and know that everything went fine with our wonderful Dr. Joe!
A “simple” procedure that doesn’t take more than 30 minutes in local stunning and it changes life forever.

-Camilla S.

The procedure was minimally invasive

Could not be happier with Dr. Ahn and the HyProCure surgery he performed on my 10-year old son. The surgeries went great and my son experienced no pain post surgery. The procedure was minimally invasive. The procedures were performed on my son’s respective feet on June 12, 2017 and July 23, 2017. We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the surgery and the improvement my son has had in mobility, strength, athleticism etc.


The results have been nothing short of spectacular!

I had HyProCure stents surgically implanted in both ankles and Dr. Greenberg and his team were professional, supportive and compassionate. Every member of the staff went out of their way to make me feel comfortable, to answer my questions and to offer advice. The results have been nothing short of spectacular. My plantar fasciitis is all but gone, my back and knee pain have disappeared. Even this short time after the procedures, I can walk without pain much farther than I could ever have walked before. Dr. Greenberg and his fabulous staff have given me back the ability to run and walk and do yoga again!


Jørn is able to walk much better now

Our son Jørn has Dravet Syndrome and because of this he walked on the inside of the sole of the foot. As parents we saw that it became more and more painful for Jørn to walk and he became more bent at the knees. After [HyProCure] Jørn is able to walk much better now and he does not hurt to walk around. His back is also more corrected when he is upright. We recommend this to anyone who needs the surgery.

-Parents of Jørn

Anna-Lena’s walking has improved a lot!

Everything went well and Dr. Picciotti did really good work. Before the surgery we were very skeptical about having it and we tried to help Anna-Lena’s feet with other treatments and orthotics, but after half a year of treatments we saw we were not quite successful. We were able to talk to another child who had the surgery a couple of months ago and then we decided to do it. Two days after surgery Anna-Lena didn’t have any pain and we could stop giving her pain killers. Altogether we have to say it was quite a good decision to do the [HyProCure] surgery, although we were very skeptical in the beginning. Anna-Lena’s walking has improved a lot, she is much more safe while walking and her feet, especially her arch, is much better!

-Thomas & Eva [parents to 10 year old Anna-Lena]

I look forward to walking pain free!

I sought out Dr. Berman after many friends told me to go to Somers Orthopedics. I have two flat feet and was in a lot of pain. He implanted a HyProCure in one foot with great results and I just got the other one done along with a Kidner Procedure. From day one he has always looked for the least invasive procedure to gain the best results and increased quality of life. I look forward to walking pain free!

-H. Smith

This was by far the easiest thing to have my feet feel better!

I had HyProCure done 7 months ago and it was the best thing that happened to me. I had gone through orthotics, fasica release on both feet, physical therapy, splints, cortisone shots, tape….and this was by far the easiest thing to have my feet feel better!


Good Bye Magic Shoes your time has served me well.

Today is a brand new milestone for me. I have officially said goodbye to my Magic Shoes. Today I am a new person with two brand new arches in my feet thanks to Dr. Rui DeMelo and Stamford Podiatry Group and HyProCure. I endured my entire life with flat feet accompanied by pain in multiple joints and constant back pain. My feet and ankles would literally destroy any brace that wasn’t strong enough to correct its position and then find a flaw in the new brace and destroy that one too. I think I’ve been through 10 generations of ankle braces before finding the proper design.

They say if you want to know where someone has been, just look at their shoes. My feet have stood through 10 hour shifts working in the kitchen, handling Cookie Monster in the Thanksgiving Parade 3 times and even climbed the volcano Mount Etna in Sicily. They have carried my wife through the front door on our wedding night and flew my son through the living room like Superman.

I’m looking forward to no more pain. I’m looking forward to walking on the sand without sneakers and leaving a footprint. I’m looking forward to having defined calf muscles. I’m looking forward to see where my feet will guide me next.

Happy patient

-Happy patient

My son is now playing D1 Lacrosse for the University of Detroit!

My son was in middle school and could not walk home, less than half a mile without tears, he had severe foot pain. I contacted Dr. Solon, who opened his office on a Sunday to evaluate him. My son was flat footed and his feet were pronated. Dr. Solon performed the HyProCure surgery on both of my sons feet and he is now playing D1 Lacrosse for the University of Detroit/Mercy and has no foot pain whatsoever. Thank you Dr. Solon and staff for everything you did for our family and making our sons dreams of playing D1 College Lacrosse come true!

-Deborah K.

Aria says that Dr. Foster did a good job, he’s a good doctor!

At age 4 my daughter, Aria, started ballet classes and we noticed that it seemed like Aria was rolling in on her feet. She’d been having balance issues and complaining that her legs hurt her for several months, but we thought it was growing pains. As she played and danced, her pain increased to the point that she’d wake up crying and we would have to rub her legs to get her to go to sleep. We talked to our chiropractor who recommended Dr. Foster. We are SO thankful that we did.

We met with Dr. Foster and at our first appointment we decided to use shoe inserts to support her feet with the plan to revisit and look at surgery when she was 5. We had the first procedure in September of 2017 and the second in December of 2017. Dr. Foster and his staff have been fantastic. They’ve treated Aria like she was family and are so sweet with her.

Aria is recovering so well and already is able to play longer than she could before. We couldn’t be happier with the HyProCure procedure or the care we’ve received from Dr. Foster and his staff. Aria says that Dr. Foster did a good job, he’s a good doctor!

-Erin B.

“It’s my first time in 20 years to be without orthotics.”

Today I took my first 25 minute walk 7 weeks post op with no issues other than the foot that’s not done. It’s my first time in 20 years to be without orthotics. So freeing. Scheduled to have my other one done in December. Can hardly wait. For anyone having issues due to being flatfooted, I highly recommend.

Barb H.

It was one of the best things we ever did.

My son had the HyProCure done and it was great. It was one of the best things we ever did. He would come home just from a day of school, not even a whole lot of activity; he would come home and say ‘my feet are really hurting.’ And then when he did do activity he would REALLY have a lot of pain, so we had this quick, easy surgery done by Dr. Hake and the recovery was so quick. He doesn’t even associate activity anymore with foot pain and its really great. He has become a lot more active and its really been great.

Mr. Maggio

We are so grateful that we found out about this surgery!

Austin has been in soccer tournaments the past 2 weekends and his team has made it to the championships each time. He is doing incredible. His running is completely back. He very rarely ever loses a battle to get up for the ball. I’ve had several parent’s comment to me how great he is doing. I know he would not be doing this well had it not been for the [HyProCure] surgeries. He has gained his starting position back and has recently had several college coaches starting to correspond with him. It’s truly an exciting time that he is entering in his life and we are so grateful that we found out about this surgery. You have truly changed his life.

The Swoyers ( Patti, Arch, Austin & Ethan)

I feel better now than I have in the past 30 years and I attribute it all to HyProCure!

I am HyProCure’s biggest fan! I had a HyProCure consultation with Dr. Richard Mendelsohn, Ashburn, VA in September 2016. I had HyProCure done on my left ankle in October 2016 and then my right ankle was done in January 2017. HyProCure has truly been a miracle for me and I tell everyone who will listen. I no longer suffer intense pain in my heels, hamstrings, hips, back and shoulders. It is crazy how well aligned I am now and have the freedom to wear a variety of shoes. I feel better now than I have in the past 30 years and I attribute it all to HyProCure. It is truly amazing what a difference it made in my life.

Mary F.

It was worth it and I would do it again

My previous condition prevented me from being able to try certain kinds of shoes by making my feet look weird and making me feel really insecure and uncomfortable. Also, my feet hurt really often because I walk a lot and I love being active, the pain being the main reason my parents decided to go forward with this procedure. HyProCure really improved my life because now I am able to try all kinds of shoes and I can really live my life to the fullest with my pain gone, now that I had surgery. The first two weeks after the procedure were pretty hard for me, I’m not gonna lie, but it was worth it and I would do it again. However, it depends on each individual.
I remember being really anxious about the surgery even if I knew it was a really simple one. Mom eventually convinced me and when I woke up, I was amused thinking how scared I was. It was like a great nap, but instead of waking up tired, I woke up with great feet.
I warmly recommend it, as it really improves the quality of life and it really is a simple and painless procedure.

Maria V., 13

HyProCure has improved my life because now I am able to walk a little better.

I didn’t expect a 100% improvement because I have issues with the back of my foot, but it did help. Foot problems never get better on their own. This surgery is an intervention that will help. How much it will help, that’s something each person will have to assess, but it will help. I was very pleased that I was able to have the surgery using local anesthesia in a surgery center. I was out of there in about 2-3 hours. I drove myself home. I went ahead with the procedure because I was scared to do nothing. I needed to try something and this seemed to be the easiest of the choices that were available to me. It’s been 3 months and I’m a happy camper. I’m hoping in time it will get better and better. It certainly won’t get worse because HyProCure halted the structural deterioration. It was worth all the pain and inconvenience because I can walk better now. I would recommend this surgery.

Eva M.

I’m looking forward to being able to walk with both feet corrected

I just had my right foot done in January ’17. In the short time with just my left foot being “normal”, it felt really good to walk around so I’m looking forward to being able to walk with both feet corrected. I have told quite a few people about it, including getting another person to go in for the procedure. I explain what the process is and how it works. In my case, it was to correct flexible flat feet, but it helps with other issues as well, including Plantar Fasciitis. All my life, I always left a “duck print” with my wet feet. Always thought I had flat feet, but never did anything about it. As I got older, my feet bothered me more and more. Even with custom orthotics, I would still have issues after long days on my feet. I would have pain during running and due to the flexibility in my feet, I would turn my ankles easily. It got to the point to where I was willing to do anything to correct the problem. Honestly, I never heard of HyProCure until I was searching “foot reconstructive surgery” online and came across a video using a subtalar implant to align the foot/ankle. Doing more research, I came across the HyProCure process. I realized my flat feet weren’t flat at all – I had what’s called flexible flat feet where the foot appears flat due to misalignment of the foot/ankle. When my foot was moved into a neutral position, I did have an arch. I made an appointment with my doctor to start the process. Right now, the most significant change would be the overall appearance of my feet. For the first time that I can remember, my feet don’t over-pronate and I leave a normal looking footprint. I had my left foot done in September ’16 and my right foot January ’17 so I haven’t had a real opportunity to experience both feet together yet. Besides the HyProCure, the doctor performed a couple other procedures in conjunction with HyProCure increasing my recovery time. I’m looking forward to putting my new feet to the test after the right foot heals.

Paul W

I chose HyProCure as it is the most anatomical implant in the world

Before HyProCure, running was a huge effort. I had terrible feet pain when running distance, around 10 km (6 miles). I was embarrassed to be at the swimming pool as I did not feel confident. I tried to walk on the outside of my feet but that did not work well as I was slipping on the tiles. I was funny walking; it is hard to describe but it was sort of jumpy walking. Now, I have much more stable steps while walking. I noticed proper posture as well. My feet fit my legs which did not seem to be so obvious for the last 37 years of my life. After getting HyProCure, I noticed I started to stand straighter and walk more confident. My feet are aligning much more properly. Before they were moving inwards despite using insoles. My legs used to shake when I stood on my feet for too many hours, now it has stopped. I noticed my posture is properly balanced. My knees are in a good position with no chance of hitting each other while walking. I did as much research as possible and visited many surgeons. Most of them were extremely skeptical about ALL implants, not only HyProCure. I finally found one that had experience with different kinds of implants and had appreciation for how they can improve. I chose HyProCure as it is the most anatomical implant in the world.

Mario J

I had the procedure done on both feet and so happy that I did!

I suffered with ankle pain due to dislocation for a few years. I tried shoe inserts and orthotics to relieve pain, however these did not permanently address my pain. I sought medical advice from a local podiatrist who suggested reconstructive foot surgery which entailed several weeks off my feet and a slow recovery. After learning about HyProCure I quickly discovered that I was a candidate and that the procedure directly addressed the issue causing my pain. I elected to have the HyProCure procedure done and I am extremely pleased with the results. The procedure took approximately 40 minutes and I was released the same day wearing a boot. I was able to do a moderate amount of walking in the boot post-surgery and healed gradually so that within 2 weeks I could comfortably wear tennis shoes. I had the procedure done on both feet and so happy that I did! The thing that has pleased me most about my experience with HyProCure is that the procedure made me pain free and the fact that the procedure is minimally invasive and has a quick recovery time. Dr. Ahn was extremely informative about the HyProCure procedure as well as the surgical and healing process. He took the time to discuss the cause of my pain and assured me that the HyProCure procedure would address it. He was attentive during each follow up visit and the staff was both friendly and helpful.


This is a fantastic treatment. I highly recommend that anyone with foot pain discuss this with their podiatrist.

Prior to my surgery I had severe Plantar Fasciitis in both feet and couldn’t walk very well. After surgery the Plantar Fasciitis is almost gone and I’ve returned to running and hiking on a regular basis. My arches are becoming more noticeable and getting stronger. This is a fantastic treatment. I highly recommend that anyone with foot pain discuss this with their podiatrist as an option that may help them. The thing that has pleased me most about my experience with HyProCure is the speedy recovery due to the minimally invasive surgical technique. Prior to getting HyProCure I had been running obstacle races but had to stop due to pain during exercise. I researched the procedure and was convinced after discussing with my doctor that this might help eliminate the pain


This simple solution has definitely improved the quality of my life

Approaching age 60, I was again being “slowed down” by chronically sore feet. Having tried several over-the-counter as well as expensive, custom orthotics and receiving only partial relief, I was very interested when Dr. Ferragamo suggested I consider the HyProCure inserts. It sounded as though my pronated ankles could be “cured” by creating proper alignment of my foot and ankle bones during weight-bearing exercise. I decided it was well worth giving it a try to stop the pain. Since having Dr. Ferragamo insert the HyProCure “spacers” a year ago, the mechanics of both feet have dramatically improved and the daily discomfort I had for many, many years is gone. I can even walk comfortably barefoot on hard surfaces, something I could never do before undergoing the procedure! This simple solution has definitely improved the quality of my life.


I know I’ve made the right decision moving forward

I made the decision to invest in the HyProCure titanium stent implant procedure to address the underlying problem instead of living with symptoms I know understand would get progressively worse. Performed one month apart at the clinic under local anesthetic. The procedure caused minimal interruption to my regular routine ( you walk out – no crutches). It has taken about a year for my feet to fully heal, but not only am I now orthotic free, my feet continue to improve as the tendons and joints relax from a much improved mechanic. I know I’ve made the right decision moving forward.


HyProCure has allowed me the opportunity to correct my back

I have had relief from knee pain as well as sharp foot pain. HyProCure has corrected the way I stand. I used to walk like a duck,now, I walk straight. Because I walked incorrectly for so long, my spine became misaligned. My Pilates instructor and chiropractor informed me that I needed to bring my feet in and be conscious of walking erect. This was hard to do because of how my feet were positioned. HyProCure has changed that, allowing me the opportunity to correct my back.Everything Dr. Ahn said would happen, occurred as he said. He was patient and answered every question I had.

Sonia D

To say that things are going well would be an understatement.

I am walking around without orthotics in my shoes, which doctors told me would never happen, and I have no pain in my feet, which is foreign to me, but I can definitely get used to this. A couple weeks ago I was able to walk into a shoe store and buy shoes without needing to put my insoles in them first, something I hadn’t done in more than ten years!


My son had this done last year and it’s been amazing!

My son Finley (aged 6) had the HyProCure procedure last October. We went to Dr. Joe Picciotti who was amazing. He explained everything and took really good care of Finley. The recovery was quicker than expected. His alignment has improved so much that he is not limping anymore, he never complains of knee pain and he has started to run for the first time. We are so glad he had it. Thank you, Dr. Joe!


I have a better quality of life today compared to before the procedure!

I honestly, honestly can say that I have a better quality of life today compared to before the procedure! In fact, most days, I actually forget that I ever had the surgery at all! Any soreness in the ankles in the morning that I had the first few weeks after surgery have disappeared – I can literally jump out of bed, walk around barefoot, spend the entire day in flip flops and life is great!


I noticed a difference the day of surgery

This has been the best thing to happen to me. I no longer have nerve pain in my ankles and legs, no more plantar fasciitis, sesamoiditis, sore muscles, knee or hip pain! I noticed a difference the day of surgery. My feet didn’t collapse anymore. I was also walking immediately after surgery. I am a teacher and am on my feet all day. I had surgery on a Friday, went back to work on the following Thursday. I had to sit down a lot of course. If you have flat feet or hyperpronation I suggest you seriously consider this surgery. This has truly been a life changing procedure for me.


We are so very happy we went ahead with the treatment.

Our child wore orthotics for approximately 3 years. We were told at the time that there was still a very good chance that her arches may continue to fall or could simply stay as they were but that the orthotics would not ever correct her arch problem completely. At the same time, we were also educated on a procedure called HyProCure, whereby a titanium stent is surgically implanted into each foot to correct the absence of the foot arch. Three years later, our child’s feet were completely flat and we returned to [our doctor’s] office where he confirmed what we already knew. We agreed to have the HyProCure stent procedure done. She had both feet treated in July of 2015, three weeks apart, and she is confidently ready to head back to school. The arches are already evidently present now and we are so very happy we went ahead with the treatment.


My bunions disappeared with this procedure and all arch pain is gone!

I’ve had severe flat feet my whole life that have gotten progressively worse over time. I had cortisone injections 10 years ago so I could at least walk. Years ago my podiatrist made a brace for me that was supposed to be worn in all shoes. It was impossible, rigid and horrible. I never wore it. I was offered complete rear-foot reconstructive surgery at about $60,000 per foot. I started researching alternatives and discovered the HyProCure procedure. I did my right foot in June. My bunions disappeared with this procedure and all arch pain is gone! I am so thankful for HyProCure as it will allow me to actively exercise again, contributing to better health.


This has changed my life for the better.

At 2 weeks [post-op] I feel I am at 80%. I say only 80%, because the stitches won’t be out for 3 more days. I am really pleased with this surgery. I have had numerous knee surgeries, because of arthritis which always had my knee in constant pain. I was told at age 45 I will need knee replacement if I can hold out that long. Now my knee has pain here and there. I can also tell I am walking better. Just by comparing my feet sitting or standing I can also tell a difference. I just believe it was overall worth it. This surgery has changed my life for the better.


One of the best solutions I have ever done!

HyProCure has helped me feel young again. I am able to do things I was not able to do with the pain. Now I’m able to do outdoor activities like run and ride a bike. HyProCure has pleased me in many ways; I have less pain in other body parts, like my knees, it is one of the best solutions I have ever done. I feel young and happy. My family loves the results. Dr. Ahn is very professional and I recommend him to anybody. Dr. Ahn and his staff have been very helpful, kind and patient. Thank you, Dr. Ahn


HyProCure has allowed me to live a more enjoyable and pain free life.

HyProCure has drastically improved my life. Prior to having this procedure I was having pain in both my knees and lower back. These pains were keeping me from playing soccer and participating at gym. It took me about 4 or 5 months to be able to play soccer 100% but it was well worth the wait. The first thing my coach told me was how much better I was running and how much more dominant I looked on the field. HyProCure has allowed me to live a more enjoyable and pain free life.


For the first time in my life the HyProCure solution eliminated my pain in both my feet and knees

I am 26 and was experiencing chronic pain after walking or running both short and long distances. Due to my flat feet, the ligaments on the top part of my feet were stretched very tight. I was also experiencing some knee problems. For the first time in my life the HyProCure solution eliminated my pain in both my feet and knees. My shoes fit more comfortably and I healed extremely quick. Definitely a choice I am glad I made. HyProCure is not a scary procedure. The stent does not involve any drilling or cementation to be inserted, so in the absolute worst case scenario if it need to be removed, it easily could be! You can also get orthotics to make recovery, in my opinion that much easier. I am pleased by how quickly I was able to walk, in boots and without boots, after the procedure. Great experience.


I can now walk and run pain free

I am able to get back to the activities I enjoy doing and my career as a personal trainer. Prior to my surgery I had been an avid runner but I had to seriously curtail my running, eventually having to stop all together because of the pain I was experiencing on the inside of my ankles and feet. Since the surgery, I am able to walk and run pain free and perform my jogs without limitations. My balance has also improved greatly. I would definitely encourage anyone who is experiencing pain in their feet or difficulty standing for long periods of time or even pain when walking to get a consult with a HyProCure Surgeon.


I suffered with ankle pain due to dislocation for a few years.

I tried shoe inserts and orthotics to relieve the pain, however these did not permanently address my pain. I sought medical advice from a local podiatrist who suggested reconstructive foot surgery which entailed several weeks off my feet and a slow recovery. After learning about HyProCure I quickly discovered that I was a candidate and that the procedure directly addressed the issue causing my pain. I am extremely pleased with the results. I had the procedure done on both feet and so happy that I did.


I’m back in my heels!

I can remember at an early age, I had pain in my legs and feet. Sometimes it was so bad I could feel it shooting into my back. I was told they were growing pains and that I would grow out of it—but I didn’t.

I saw several foot specialists and was prescribed inserts and foot injections. I didn’t like the inserts because they were bulky and easy to misplace. The injections were painful and, for a kid, they’re scary. After seeing multiple doctors and getting the same answers, I just lived with the pain.

As an adult, I was told that I needed reconstructive surgery on both feet and that the recovery process could take up to a year. That’s when I decided to look for other options.

It’s been about eight weeks since I had HyProCure placed in both feet, and I have no limitations. The pain in my feet is gone, and I have already noticed less pain in my knees, hips, and back. I am able to run and exercise, and I’m also back in my heels! I would absolutely recommend this procedure. It’s truly changed my life for the better!


I feel like after 7 years, my son has his life back!

My son, Trevor, was in severe pain with his feet(most days an 8 out of 10). This goes back 7 years now, and every day was a struggle. His physical activities were limited and he missed out on a lot. We tried orthotics, leg braces, knee braces – his pain would go from his feet to his hips. Now, just seven weeks after surgery, he is almost 100% pain free. [HyProCure®]- IT IS A LIFE CHANGER. Plain & simple. I will be forever grateful to both Dr. Joel Chariton for his excellent job, and to the inventor of HyProCure. I feel like after 7 years, my son has his life back!


Because of HyProCure I don’t hurt when I run.

Before I was HyProCured by Dr. Barry Klein, I would trip over myself; my feet turned in and I looked like a penguin when I walked because I kind of waddled. When I played sports it hurt to run. So it made me avoid doing those things. Now I don’t hurt or trip over myself. Today, I barely even know I had it done – it never hurts and I never have a problem with it.” See John’s video here.


HyProCure was the best thing that ever happened to our family!

Max is 9-years-old and he has special needs. He had been very delayed in his gross motor abilities and didn’t like to walk; he wanted to be carried all of the time. When he did walk, it was very ridged and he tired easily. We were told that this was due to his Down Syndrome. But we felt there was more going on than that. We tried special shoe inserts which seemed to help Max walk better, but there wasn’t the development improvement we hoped to see after 6 months. That’s when we were recommended HyProCure. There’s been a lot of improvement already, where Max has started wanting to walk and walking faster. We are so happy to see so much improvement. We see how proud he is of himself; he is more independent and his cognitive ability has soared. Thank you for the wonderful gift you gave to our family.” ~Max’s Parents See Max and his family’s video here.

Max and Family

I am HyProCured!

I suffered for three years from pain due to bunions on both of my feet. It hurt especially when I would walk long distances or when I played soccer. I tried orthotics and splints first, but none of that really helped. Then I had the HyProCure procedure on both of my feet and I was back to playing soccer right away! Even now, years later, the pain is gone. Even when I walk for long times on my college campus, I don’t have any pain in either of the feet. I am HyProCured!” See Kim’s video here.


I’m so thankful I had HyProCure done!

My feet had always bothered me. When I ran it felt like the bones in my heel were hitting the floor every time I walked. It felt like I had no support whatsoever. Then I learned about HyProCure. I had both feet done, my left foot first. It took me a little while, maybe two weeks, to adjust to the new way of walking after the first surgery since I was off balance now that my left foot had an arch, but the right one didn’t. Everything came together after I had my right foot done two months later. Within three weeks after the second procedure, I was walking completely normal. I’m so thankful I had the surgery done! See Christie’s video here.


My right foot has been reborn!

I am 71 years old of age and I feel more robust and energetic because I now walk correctly with no pain. My right foot feels reborn! Three weeks after surgery I was walking. It is nearly three months since my surgery and I am walking 2 miles a day for exercise. I am pain free and in step with our busy schedule. I sincerely thank you for working to produce this wonderful medical device for patients. Dr. Tanner is a master at this surgery and I am so blessed I found him and HyProCure!


The results have far exceeded our expectations!

We are happy to report that Lauren is doing really well just two weeks after her second HyProCure surgery. We’ve sent you a video that shows Lauren running full speed across the lawn to her scooter and then pushing it back to us just as fast. She has no swelling and no pain! We cannot express how thankful we are to Dr. Chariton! The results have far exceeded our expectations.!” ~Grace Parkhurst, on behalf of 10-year-old Lauren. See Lauren’s video here.


The difference was instantly noticeable!

I’ve known I had flat feet all life. I also had some slight back pain, but I never actually never connected it to my feet. I was initially hesitant to fix my flat-footedness, but I went ahead with both bilateral bunion surgery and bilateral HyProCure procedures. Now, six weeks after surgery, I’ve got an arch and no more back pain. I am really satisfied. From the first time I stood up, the difference was instantly noticeable. I was just amazed. The whole transformation has been amazing. It’s also been almost painless, obviously there’s been some discomfort, but no real pain. It’s been great!” See more of Sara’s story here.


HyProCure has been life-changing for me!

I had worn orthotics in my shoes since I was 6 and had chronic, continually worsening pain in my foot, ankle, knee, hip and back. I never realized that orthotics were simply a “Band-Aid” solution – then I heard about HyProCure. This has been a life-changing surgery for me. My knee pain has disappeared completely, and my hip is no longer sore and causing me to limp. I feel better every day as my body adjusts to its new alignment – I am SO excited to be free of my chronic pain, and to be walking normally for the first time in my life, at the age of 23. I am SO THANKFUL for this surgery, and would recommend it to anyone experiencing chronic pain from flat feet!!!” Cassie’s Video HyProCure Testimonial Video of Cassie’s Feet After HyProCure


I love to show off my new arches in flip flops!

My fallen arches caused me pain for most of my life. I had been told the only way to fix them was to have surgery on each foot that involved breaking and realigning bones followed by six months in a full-leg cast. Major reconstructive surgery just wasn’t an option since I’m an active mom with two kids. Now with HyProCure in both feet, I’m on the go, wearing flip flops and showing everyone my new arches!” Learn more about Vanessa’s story: Active Mother of Two Shows off Her “New Arches” after Life-changing HyProCure Procedure


HyProCure helped me play sports!

Due to flat feet, I had pain in my knees and hips. I could not do any sports and walking was only possible with extreme pain. I had the HyProCure procedure on my right foot first. The operation was very short and I only needed general anesthetic. One day after surgery I began walking on my foot again. The first few days I had to rest, elevate my foot and cool with ice. After that I could go like nothing happened, but I had to wear sturdy shoes and foot orthotics for 3 months after the surgery. Now that I’ve had my left foot done too, I can play sports, like going to the gym or cycling. I can wear high heels! I can go out with friends and have a good time without pain. Most importantly, I can go anywhere and I enjoy every step. HyProCure really changed my quality of life.


Now that I had HyProCure, my foot doesn’t hurt when I run and jump!

I am 10 years old and 3 weeks ago I had HyProCure put in my left foot. The procedure was done in my doctor’s office – and now my foot doesn’t hurt when I run and jump! I can do everything I did before, only much better. I can get into shoes I didn’t before and I look skinnier and taller! I’m looking forward to getting my other foot done.” See more about Summer’s story here.


HyProCure has been a life-changer!

When I was younger, I always had problems with my feet and wore corrective shoes – which did absolutely nothing in all the years I wore them. My foot started turning over and eventually I sprained it. That’s when I went to Dr. Barry Klein to see if anything could be done to help. We started with orthotics, but he recommended HyProCure as the best option. I had both feet done separately and was fitted for custom athletic shoes in between procedures. The shoe fitter couldn’t believe the difference the procedure made in my two feet. Now that I’ve had both feet done, it’s been great, and feels great – it’s been a life changer. And I can wear sandals now! Thank you, HyProCure !” See more about Susan’s story here.


HyProCure put an end to my fatigue and pain!

I’ve worn orthotics and been in corrective shoes since I was very small. I’ve experienced fatigue and pain in my legs. I saw Dr. Barry Klein for a broken foot and he suggested HyProCure would help with my other problems. Since I had the procedure, I have not experienced any pain – and I can’t wait to have the other foot done!” See Judy’s video here.


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