Symptoms of Misaligned Feet

HyProCure relieves, and can even prevent, a variety of seemingly unrelated foot and body conditions by correcting a commonly unknown problem—misaligned feet.

When your feet are misaligned, it leads to a chain reaction of misalignment in the body, affecting the knees, hips and back, often resulting in pain when standing, walking and running. The most common sign of misaligned feet is the inward rolling of the ankles, which is called Hyperpronation. However, misaligned feet can lead to a variety of other symptoms including, flat feet, foot pain, back pain, knee pain, hip pain, bunions and hammertoe. Click on a symptom below to find out if misaligned feet may be to blame for your symptoms.

Functional Symptoms

  • Growing Pains

  • Shin Splints

  • Weight Gain

  • The more active you are, the more you hurt.

Other Clues of a Misalignment

  • The need for orthotic shoes as an adult.

  • Prescribed insoles or orthotics as a child.

  • Shoes that are excessively worn on the inner or outer portion of the heel.

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